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The (Khazar) Black Nobility - The Secret Treaty of Verona


The secret plan of the Canaanite - Khazars, or the "Committee of 300" also known as the Black Nobility of Europe, who presume to rule the entire world. Secret, but not theoretical - this has been entered into the official record of the US Congress. This secret agreement bound the parties to do everything possible to wipe out democracy and freedom of speech. They continue to act upon this agreement to this day, giving rise to the nefarious activities of Globalism, AGENDA 21, the Club of Rome, the Tavistock institute, and various other branches of the RIIA of Britain.

There are two separate PDF files. One is an explanation of the secret agreement's relevance to the Guelph Black Nobility of Europe. The other is an extract of the document itself entered into the Congressional record.

This is an essential document for the collection of any Truth Movement, Occupy, Holographic Freedom Movement, etc..

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